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Each and Every Child is a Gift from God


The Diocese of Ferns aims to provide children and young people involved in church-related activities with a safe environment. It also endeavours to ensure that adults who work with children and young people follow best practice guidelines.

Our aim here is to provide both Diocesan and local Parish information on the polices in place to ensure the above mission statement is adhered to.


Our Parish Representation

We have two local safeguarding representatives in Kilrush. Their contact details are as follows:

  • Brigid Clauson, +353 87 2699411
  • Elizabeth Kavanagh, +353 87 7670576


Policies & Documentation

Please find below important information & policy documentation on Safeguarding Children in the Diocese of Ferns.

Note: Documents obtained from the Ferns Diocesan website


Advisory Panel

An external Advisory Panel reviews child protection issues in the diocese and makes recommendations to the bishop regarding priests/church employees/volunteer workers against whom there are allegations of any kind made. All their recommendations to date have been implemented by the bishop. The diocese maintains contact, where possible, with priests out of ministry through meetings with the Diocesan delegate and assistant delegate. The members of this committee have expertise in Canon Law, legal studies, business, social work and psychotherapy. The Panel meets four times per year or as the need arises.


Support Services


More Information

For more information on Child Safeguarding in our Diocese, please visit the Ferns Diocesan website